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Located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia, Magna Plas Pty Ltd is a well-established plastic manufacturing and plastic engineering business.

Our products include Plastic Extruded Round Rod and Profiles, Boat Trailer Parts, Harvester Picking Shaker Bo Rods, Truck Tarp System Flex Bows and
CNC Machined Parts and Components...

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About Magna Plas

Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria is a well-established plastic manufacturing business, successfully launched in 1985.  Located on the Mornington Peninsula, Magna Plas Pty Ltd can supply you with all your engineered plastic needs.  With knowledge and experience passed down from a family business that began in 1959, Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria can supply you with your engineered plastic requirements while providing high quality advice and exceptional customer service.  With products including boat trailer parts, harvester picking bo rods and truck tarp rod systems we are able to provide you with all your plastic needs…

Exceptional quality products with exceptional customer service

Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria wants to assure you that we are contactable during the COVID-19 situation.  

Please contact us via phone (03) 5979 4222 or email and we will assist you with your enquiry. 

Stay safe and take care, from the Magna Plas Vic Team. 

Magna Plas Pty Ltd offers a wide range of engineered plastic services.



Magna Plas Victoria is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and extruding of our Magnalon® Bo Rods for the Agricultural and Farming Industry…

Magna Plas Victoria has the capability to produce high quality machined parts and components…

Magna Plas Victoria has been supplying Australia’s leading boat trailer manufacturers and marine companies since 1985…


Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria’s Manufacturing Plant contains onsite extruders that allow us to produce high quality plastic extruded rod…


Magna Plas Pty Ltd Victoria is a leading manufacturer of components that contribute to the roll over truck tarp systems or flex bows…



Acetal is an extremely versatile and high tensile strength material and is a semi crystalline plastic. It is a hard engineering plastic that…


High Density Polyethylene or commonly known as HDPE, is a polyethylene thermo plastic. It is manufactured from the…


Polypropylene is an economical material that has great resistance to chemicals, impact and scratching while also combining…


Nylon │ Magnalon is commonly known as Polyamide. It is a synthetic polymer and can come in a wide range of…

Magna Plas Pty Ltd
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(03) 5979 4222