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Plastic Round Rod and
Custom Plastic Profile Extrusion


Magna Plas Victoria Manufacturing site contains onsite extruders that allow us to produce high quality plastic extruded rod.  We are present for the entire manufacturing process meaning we have outstanding quality control. 

We source all of our raw material from well-established and trusted raw material manufacturers.  This allows our final product to be detailed from start to finish as high quality.  We maintain the options of virgin raw plastic material or recycled plastic material.  It is important to us to provide high quality options, while also remaining sustainable within our community by providing and contributing to the recycling of plastic material.  

Magna Plas Victoria produces our products on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia.  This means we can ensure we are supplying plastic rod and plastic custom profiles at a competitive and cost-effective price.

Plastic rod extrusion is a high-volume manufacturing process which involves converting plastic from its solid raw state to a softening state, allowing it to then be formed into a continuous profile as it returns to its cooled state.

Our extruded rod contributes to an abundance of items and products across several industries.

We supply our products to a wide range of industries to assist with all different methods of daily life.  

Industries we produce plastic round rod, custom plastic profiles and plastic parts and components include:

  • Engineering, Electrical and Chemical Industries 
  • Health, Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry
  • Marine and Boating Industry including jetty, pontoon and marina’s
  • Agricultural and Farming Industry including Grape Harvester and Olive Harvester Machining
  • Warehouse, Transport and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Food Hospitality and the Food Manufacturing Industry
  • Military and Defence Force
  • Government and Local City Councils
  • Mining, Oil and Gas Industry
  • Printing, Advertising and Packaging
  • Shop Fitting and Merchandising

Magna Plas Victoria extrudes our plastic onsite, allowing us to be committed to providing you with your plastic needs in an efficient manner.  We are here to help with your requirements and are happy to discuss any customer requests or enquiries with a high level of customer service.  We appreciate you supporting local manufacturing and would be happy to discuss any products you require, including custom extruded profiles.

Please contact us with any drawings or enquiries you may have, we can provide you with high quality advice and a high level of customer service to ensure your needs are met when ordering with us.

If you require a non-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact us today on 03 5979 4222.